Stretch forming and metal bending is an art.  

Designing and forming the curved structural components that help shape architecture, aerospace, industry and much more requires extraordinary expertise, excellent communication and imaginative engineering. You’ll find them here.

Essentially, stretch forming requires that a piece of metal be exactly shaped, without seams or blemishes, to meet precise specifications. That piece of metal is placed around a forming die to give it the required radius. Stretch forming has been used to make the canopy arch of the Air Force’s F-18, formed rafters for BP Stations throughout the country and Kynar painted elliptical roof panels for Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida.  

Our team is experienced and extremely skilled, designing and producing curved metal for large and small-scale industry. We specialize in creating precision stretch formed metal pieces with high tolerances that are so individualized that they’re never duplicated. 

Our carefully calibrated machines make metal forming more efficient and even more precise. Formerly, a laborer would attach a piece of unshaped metal to the specially designed die with clamps, and then piece by piece, carefully hammer the metal to fit the die. Today, our cutting-edge products have no marks or visible stresses of a hammer. We also save customers money by suggesting metals that will bend with the least amount of resistance, allowing us to form them more rapidly. We also reduce project costs by buying large quantities of metal.  

And cost should never be underestimated because the costs of bending metal often influences architects, contractors and engineers. Reducing costs and delivering the finest stretch form product was crucial in our team being chosen to supply a system of compound contour custom extrusions and panels to create the multiple planets and structures of “Mission: Space” in Orlando and the tubes for both the interior and exterior of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. 

For a list of our many projects and more information about stretch forming and metal curving, contact us , 800-767-2884.

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